vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Dagelijkse horoscoop met Google Glass

Stel je voor dat je met Google Glass dagelijks op ieder gewenst moment op de hoogte wordt gebracht van je persoonlijke horoscoop ... en natuurlijk die van je partner of van je volgende afspraakje.

Alle beetjes en weetjes kunnen maar helpen.


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Since 2005 Ivan integrates Google services in his Internet projects and websites. Why make content searchable for Google in a selfmade content management system, if you can put it immediately in Google itself by publishing on You Tube, Blogger, Picasa, Calendar & Maps and then can integrate it back into a website? This creates for the customers also several search results from multiple web locations instead of only from one website. Read more

Since 2011 Ivan stands on its own feet, and he has his Google strategy translated into his own business 'UP-TO-DATE WebDesign' where he now applies this to his customers on a daily base.